Hello there and congratulations! You have made it to my about me section!

My name is Elle (like the letter) and I am a recent LA transplant from good old Minneapolis Minnesota. I am a maker, doer, tinkerer, and dog enthusiast. 2d animation is my passion. I basically live and breath cartoons. I love the connection cartoons can have with its audience. When done right they can transport a viewer to a completely different existence and help them think in a new way. They can be nonsensical, serious, educational, whatever! But I’m rambling… More about me, a lot of the stuff in my gallery has been self directed personal projects for study, practice, or spun from story ideas. I also recently got the opportunity to work with Chris from kidlovestigergames and did illustrations for three of there upcoming games! I did character, board, and prop design, as well as the box cover art. I have also done commission work and taken part in three online reanimate projects. I have an art background with a degree from my states university, but most my animation and illustration skills are self taught. I specialize in a bunch of different styles from painterly to pixel art and am usually juggling a bunch of different projects. Other things I enjoy are nature, having a beer after a long day and pineapple on my pizza.